This is the reason why Contentify comes into play right in time and in demand.


First. They use targeted travel content on their travel sites. 

These targeted travel content boost their sites’s ranking on search engines. It means more organic traffic to the sites.

Some kinds of targeted content are Product Descriptions, Itineraries, Personal Travel Diaries/Travel Blog Articles, Industry News, Relevant Tips, etc.

SiteTravelPro Advanced allows you to instantly get 100 targeted travel content sources which will help you publish good travel blog posts on your travel sites. 

These targeted travel blog posts are automatically drip-fed every day once your campaign starts.

And the best part is… You can add CUSTOMIZED blog posts too.

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What Do These Sites Do Differently, Or Better, Than Those Earning MUCH Less?

Three Things

SiteTravelPro Regular Is Great, But There’s Still Untapped Potential

More Targeted Travel Blog Posts =  More Traffic and Sales

It’s easy to see that 100 Targeted Blog Post Sources With Drip-Feed Mode will help you publish more good travel blog posts on your sites.

And Remember it’s not 100 blog posts, our SiteTravelPro gives you 100 targeted content sources which are able to write UNLIMITED Travel Blog Posts for your sites. (As long as you make the campaign started and it will work like a tireless robot)

It’s because people often look for travel information for their trips like Itineraries, Travel Tips, A Travel Place Review, Travel News,etc.

With the help of our 100 Targeted Blog Post Sources, you can get more organic traffic to your travel sites = more sales and commissions.

Why SiteTravelPro Advanced?

The Answers Are Obvious:

Welcome To SiteTravelPro Advanced

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Here’s What You’re Receiving With SiteTravelPro Advanced

Build Your 2nd Passive Income Stream Using Our Auto-Popup:

Easily turn ON/OFF an auto-popup on your site. Once turned ON, you can easily build a profitable list who will demand for buying more and more from you.

Using this auto-popup feature, you can maximize your earnings from the site.

Maximize Your Sales and Commissions With Push-Notification Module:

Once activated, you can send Unlimited Instant messages to mobile and desktop Subscriber devices which will help you get an open rate of 90%. Guess what, if 10% of your list click on new items on your site and repurchase, you can 2X or 3X your passive income profits.

And obviously subscribers will rebuy again and again when they see a new product they want from your email.

Instantly Increase Your Profits By Using Targeted Travel Content From 100 Sources:

SiteTravelPro Advanced allows you to instantly get 100 targeted travel content sources which will help you publish good travel blog posts on your travel sites. 

It helps you to instantly get more organic traffic from search engines.

You currently use our SiteTravelPro Regular to create profitable travel websites which is great by itself.

It’s proven to work, and We’re making affiliate commissions + Adsense Income from it as we speak...

They give you the power to create constant new income streams…

Not bad, right?

But what if you could follow tactics which some top sites are doing to automate your income?

Well that’s what you’ll be able to do with this SiteTravelPro Advanced offer today.

Your Purchase Is RISK FREE With Our 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Just like the basic version of SiteTravelPro, we’re going to give you a full 30 days to make sure that SiteTravelPro Advanced is right for you.

If you experience any issues, just hit us up during the 30 days and if we can’t make things right we’ll refund you every penny. With a smile. 

Which means, there’s no way for you to lose here… If You Want To Upgrade, Wait No Longer

You see, we’re forced to limit the amount of people who upgrade to SiteTravelPro Advanced.

That’s because we don’t want our premium features to get saturated.

So with that taken into consideration, only 50 individuals can access this offer. Which means…

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How The World’s Most Profitable TRAVEL Sites EASILY Make 4-5+ Figures Every Day


Look at these top profitable travel sites. 

They have an auto-popup to collect leads when visitors land on their sites. 

These top travel sites build a list while still generating huge income from Hotel Booking Affiliate Programs Or Adsense or from similar ads platforms or from affiliate commissions. (3 Passive Income Streams: The First One From The Affiliate and The Second One From Adsense Income and The Third One From The List)


These top travel sites also use push-notification to maximize their sales and commissions. 

Push-Notification even has an open rate of 90% which is 50% higher than that of email marketing. 

The click rate, too, is seven times higher. 

What’s more, 40% of users interact with push notifications within an hour of receiving them.

(*Source: https://www.moengage.com/learn/push-notifications-ctr-success-rate-and-metrics/)

These sites can send an instant push notification to vistor’s mobile device or desktop any time. 

Visitors don’t have to be in the app or using the devices to get these messages.

SiteTravelPro Advanced allows you to instantly get 100 targeted travel content sources which will help you publish good travel blog posts on your travel sites.

Here's How:

Enable An Auto-Popup 

On Your Travel Site 

To Collect Unlimited Leads 

To Your SiteTravelPro 


Get A Push Notification Module Which Can Help You Send UNLIMITED Instant Messages To mobile and desktop Subscriber devices, which will maximize your sales and commissions.

Skyrocket Your Sales and Commissions

It’s obvious that using auto-popup and using push-notification are two best and quickest ways to send your affiliate promo campaigns to subscribers. 

One subscriber can repurchase again and again via your email or push-notification, which will skyrocket your sales and commissions.

Save Time and Money

Auto-Popup + Push-Notification all work on autopilot. It’s like you have a simple set-n-forget campaign. You just need to turn on/off that feature from your SiteTravelPro dashboard. 

It’s simple but it’s powerful, bringing huge profits to your site with far less effort.

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These top travel sites are getting massive monthly visitors using this method